Blood Type Could Mean a Lot When It Comes to Matters of the Heart

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Do you know your blood type? You wouldn’t see it on the surface, but coursing through your veins every second of every day are tiny variations that categorize your blood into one of these groups: A+, A-, B+, B-, O-, O+, AB+ and AB-. Unless you’ve donated blood, were given a transfusion or found out during , maybe you’ve never thought twice about your blood type and what it means for your health.

Knowing your blood type not only can be crucial in an emergency, but it can also offer some important insight into your health.Ongoing research into blood type suggests it may matter more than we give it credit for — at least when assessing risk for certain health conditions, especially . These invisible differences in the blood may give some people an edge at staving off cardiovascular problems, BBC World News Today and may leave others more susceptible.

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What does blood type mean, and how are they different?