Hello there!

You have made a crucial and wise decision in hiring me and my team to run your marketing and sales campaign.

There are a few steps you’ll need to take to get started.


Step 1: Download our Client Agreement/CC Authorization Form. Please print this out, and sign. This form is for your protection as it ensures I have permission to charge your card. After processing your initial setup/build out fee below, you will be redirected to an onboarding page. Sen this authorization form in an email with the onboarding info on next page.


Step 2: Submit your payment using the form below.


Step 3: Once you have submitted your deposit, you will be brought to a “getting started” page/ This page will let you know what to expect and what materials we will need from you in order to get your campaign started. 

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Here’s what you’ll get:


At the base, you’re investing in dedicated access to my team and I’s expertise and our help to solve your business’s problems.


Everything from actual execution to thinking through strategy and organization


  • I’ll work with you to create something to get your prospects interested. For example, for a homebuilder this could be a floor plan pdf, An “Insider’s Guide” as a Law Professional, “Top Secrets of Insurance” for Insurance professionals, etc.
  • I’ll create a lead funnel that automatically emails them this offer or gift (lead magnet as is commonly referred in the marketing world) in exchange for their name, email and phone number. Now you have your lead!!
  • I’ll setup custom facebook ad  to drive TARGETED traffic to your lead funnel so you’re constantly bringing in fresh, QUALIFIED, quality leads and prospects to your business daily. (This can get so fun and creative, and I’ll teach you all along the way so eventually you’ll probably tell me to kick rocks and do this in-house….. I won’t take it personal)
  • I’ll monitor and manage your Facebook ads so that you’re getting the most bang for your buck and getting the most leads at a cheaper and cheaper cost with time. (Retargeting and refining is how you drive those ad costs ALL THE WAY DOWN)
  • I will work intensely with you to strategize, launch and execute a long term content marketing strategy that will position you to bring in better clients CONSISTENTLY while eventually bringing your marketing costs down DRAMATICALLY.


So much more but I won’t overwhelm you with everything we’re capable of.