How I Serve

Managed IT Services *Starting at $459/mo.*

  • Custom IT services and solutions for businesses
  • Wide range of services, including cannabis security, healthcare & HIPAA compliance, commercial IT, and more
  • Flexible options to suit business needs
  • Cutting-edge solutions to keep data safe and secure
  • Thorough risk assessment and compliance report
  • Remediation plan tailored specifically to the practice
  • Management of PC and servers, staying up-to-date on emerging threats, processes, and software
  • Networking services and support
  • Assistance in finding the right internet network for the business
  • Well-designed VoIP system with reduced costs and advanced call features
  • Comprehensive and tailored IT solutions to protect business data and ensure compliance
  • Peace of mind that patient information is safe and secure
  • Reduced costs and advanced call features with the VoIP system
  • Focus on providing high-quality care to patients while Woodrow handles IT management and security
  • Guidance and support every step of the way


Engage your audience with confident, caring messaging for ads, scripts, emails, social media posts, etc.

Video Marketing Consulting

Through the power of engaging video ads our clients increase their visibility and become positioned as the local community leaders that they are. The inevitable result is attracting more business.


✅Content Curation and Creation: We help create the script to deliver the right message. You shoot. We edit.

✅Distribution: Your message will be platform specific. Our team handles the market targeting and retargeting to ensure views and engagement.

✅ Instructionally: We conduct weekly LIVE trainings, and you’ll have access to resources like online courses and private collaboration groups.

The results:

✅ You’ll be seen as a local expert and attract more business.

✅ You’ll be able to help local charities and other businesses using your platform.

✅ You and your business will attract valuable resources and opportunities that want to be apart of your mission.



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Residential And Commercial

  • Car Washing
$60+ Basic Exterior: Foam Cannon w/hand wash and dry, door jams, all exterior windows, all wheel & tires cleaned and shined, free vacuum.
$60+ Basic Interior: Full vacuum, basic wipe down of all surfaces and seats, door jams, all interior windows cleaned.
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • House  Washing
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Softwashing
  • Roof washing
  • Driveway Cleaning

I teach entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads & side-income seekers some of the things that have allowed me to create a lifestyle of freedom.

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