Our Services

  • Custom IT services and solutions for businesses
  • Wide range of services, including cannabis security, healthcare & HIPAA compliance, commercial IT, and more
  • Flexible options to suit business needs
  • Cutting-edge solutions to keep data safe and secure
  • Thorough risk assessment and compliance report
  • Remediation plan tailored specifically to the practice
  • Management of PC and servers, staying up-to-date on emerging threats, processes, and software
  • Networking services and support
  • Assistance in finding the right internet network for the business
  • Well-designed VoIP system with reduced costs and advanced call features
  • Comprehensive and tailored IT solutions to protect business data and ensure compliance
  • Peace of mind that patient information is safe and secure
  • Reduced costs and advanced call features with the VoIP system
  • Focus on providing high-quality care to patients while Woodrow handles IT management and security
  • Guidance and support every step of the way
  • Copywriting 

    Engage your audience with confident, caring messaging.

  • Web Design 

    Make certain your website reflects your professionalism.

  • Advertising 

    The rumors are true: Advertising really does work—that is, when it’s done right.

  • Branding 

    Your brand is how your customers know who you are. And what you stand for.

  • Broadcast 

    Even in today’s digital world, TV and radio ads still expose your brand to a whole lot of eyeballs.

  • Social Media 

    Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn—oh my. We’ll help you make sense of social media.

  • Market Research 

    How well do you really know your customers? Market research is the best way to find out.

  • Marketing Strategy 

    Before you have a plan, you need a solid strategy. We can help with both.

  • Proofreading 

    Don’t let typos and gaffs mar your online presence—or your print marketing efforts.

  • E-books 

    Leverage offline e-books to keep your content on your visitors’ devices.

  • Online Advertising 

    Get noticed with eye-catching static and animated banner ads.

  • Content Management Systems 

    We help you choose the most appropriate solution for your website.

  • Website SEO 

    Poor visitor stats? Move your site up the search engine rankings with our help.

  • Website Audit 

    We’ll make certain your site is fine-tuned for maximum speed and effectiveness.

  • Website Accessibility 

    Give every visitor a great experience, no matter their abilities.

  • Website Hosting 

    Put your website on a firm foundation, with room to grow.

  • Website Pricing 

    Learn how we accurately price your website project.

  • Static Websites 

    Discover if a speedy, cost-effective static website is just what you need.

  • Email Marketing 

    Make the most of your email list with our comprehensive email marketing services.

  • Website Maintenance 

    Learn how our maintenance services keep your online investments running smoothly.

  • Website Consulting 

    Start your website project off strong—no matter which agency you use.

  • Website Development and Coding 

    Discover the benefits of hand-coded website development.

  • Long Beach Web Designer 

    Never out-sourced and always local, we work out of sunny Long Beach, California

  • Logo & Identities 

    The best logos are simple, elegant, and memorable. For such a small mark, it leaves a big impact.

  • Direct Mail 

    When it comes to direct mail, it’s all about the response. And maximizing it.

I teach entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads & side-income seekers some of the things that have allowed me to create a lifestyle of freedom.

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