Awning Cleaning San Antonio Texas | Pressure Washing Services


Before every job, Superb Softwash technicians inspect the state of your awning to identify problem areas. We then provide you with a quote to repair these problems before proceeding.


Assess the state of your awning to see what level of cleaning it needs. Start the actual cleaning process by pre-rinsing your awning to remove loose dirt and other debris.


Use eco-friendly and EPA-registered solutions to effectively clean your awning. With the help of a soft bristle brush, scrub the cleaning solution into the fabric, allowing it to stand for 5-20 minutes before rinsing it off. Superb Softwash uses a proprietary mixture that works better than most products others use.

Low Pressure

Awnings are delicate, which is why they call for low-pressure techniques. Soft washing cleans them effectively without damaging the fabric. 


 Low-pressure water can still cause damage when paired with a powerful tip. Therefore, it is recommended to use a 40-degree or 60-degree nozzle to gently clean your awnings and get them looking brand-new again.


Awnings are often hard to reach, so the job usually calls ladders and lifts. Our technicians use safety harnesses and tether ropes to prevent accidents and injury.