Commercial Property Window Cleaning | San Antonio Texas

Prepare the Area

Plants, furniture, outdoor fixtures, and other nearby items can become wet and damaged during the soft washing process. Use a tarp to cover plants and fixtures. Transfer furniture and other items to somewhere where they won’t get wet.  

Conduct a Thorough Inspection

Inspect windows for any sign of damage. Check if there are cracks on the glass or window seals and if there are chips on the paint. Even with a low-pressure cleaning method, these issues need to be addressed prior to soft washing. 

Apply the Cleaning Solution

Use a soap dispenser to spray a heavy-duty cleaning solution on the glass surface. Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes. This will loosen up all the dirt, dust, and debris on the glass surface. 

Soft Washing

Use a  soft wash system to rinse off the cleaning solution from the glass surface. Keep the water pressure to 500 PSI to gently but effectively clean the window’s surface. Go from top to bottom then left to right when rinsing to prevent streaks from forming on the glass. Attach a wand extension to reach higher areas. 

Since water pressure is low, use a ladder or lift to clean second-floor windows. However, remember to still take the necessary safety precautions. To minimize accidents when working with a large commercial property, consider hiring a professional window cleaning company.