Fleet Cleaning San Antonio | Fleet Pressure Washing

The Process ofFleet Pressure Washing

When pressure washing a fleet, it’s important to perform the following actions:


 Before starting the pressure washing process, Superb Softwash makes sure to inspect your fleet thoroughly to determine the degree of cleaning required. This also allows us to identify any hazards that need attention.


 Warm water — a minimum of 140°F — is more effective.


Adjust the pressure level according to the surface that needs cleaning. For fleets, that means using a pressure level between 2,000 and 3,000 PSI, lowering the pressure for more delicate areas. Superb Softwash uses both pressure washing and soft washing techniques for safe yet effective cleaning.

Wand Attachments

Effective pressure washing also calls for the right wand attachments. Use long wands for general cleaning and short wands for areas that are hard to reach. 


Using the wrong nozzle tip can easily damage surfaces. Superb Softwash has all the necessary nozzles and tips as well as the expertise to use them without damaging the material.


It takes more than just pressurized water to clean fleets. Superb Softwash uses eco-friendly and EPA-registered detergents to get rid of dirt, grime, and grease, sanitizing and restoring your fleet vehicles to their former condition.

The Right Techniques

Depending on the state of your fleet, use either a one-step or two-step cleaning method. Using a one-step method, soap and rinse your fleet using warm, pressurized water. The two-step method is reserved for fleets that require additional cleaning and typically involves brightening (for aluminum) or scrubbing (for stubborn road film).