More From Your 24: The Art of Getting Sh%t Done, While Getting Money and Having Fun

This book is for anybody who wants more out of life, which in reality should be all of us, right?  Some of us fall on the spectrum of feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly endless number of tasks and obligations you have to fulfill. I get that. I’ve been there and still get there from time to time.
Some of us fall on the spectrum of having already achieved a certain level of mastery over our time and productivity and are seeking a nugget or two that can help achieve even more mastery. I dig that. That’s the type of person I identify with; always searching and digging because a true master realizes that the journey is never-ending. Those of you who paid attention in school might remember that the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics basically states that everything left neglected and unattended moves towards decay and disorder. There really is no in-between. So the takeaway from that law of nature for our own lives is that we should always be pushing ourselves to grow just a little bit each day.

Whatever end of the spectrum you fall, the fact of the matter is that how we view and utilize our time is arguably the singular determining factor in whether or not we will achieve the things we have set in our hearts as goals and desires. I believe we’re all born with a certain respect for time in one regard, but as I’ll explain later, many of us go through life without a true understanding and appreciation for time until it’s too late.

When you talk about time, you have to talk about energy, productivity and management because the ability to maximize them is a valuable skill beyond measure.

The goal of this book is to introduce to some, reinforce to others and bring a greater understanding to all about these core elements that create our lives.