Loading Dock Pressure Washing Services San Antonio, Texas


Superb Softwash makes sure to inspect the loading dock fully before cleaning. This allows us to identify hazards and propose a plan to repair them.


Start the pressure washing process by preparing your loading dock. This means brushing away loose dirt and covering any openings where water may enter. 


 Loading docks experience all sorts of stains and grease. These can make surfaces slippery and cause accidents in the workplace. Moreover, grease can alter the result of pressure washing, particularly on surfaces made of concrete. As such, make a point to degrease your loading dock first before applying the appropriate cleaning solutions.


Coupled with pressurized water, detergents can remove dirt, grime, mold, and stains, resulting in a sparkling clean surface. Superb Softwash makes sure to only utilize eco-friendly and EPA-registered detergents to clean and decontaminate your loading dock. We also use proprietary cleaning solutions that work better than most.